Transformative Cinedance

Lila Moore PhD 

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Transformative Cinedance is a practice and research project by Lila Moore, PhD. It explores the transformative qualities of imagery and narratives in films with strong choreographic sensibility, and draws on visual texts rich with mythic, archetypal, transpersonal and metaphoric images of the body, psyche and the world.
 Myth is the facts of the mind made manifest in a  
   fiction matter.                                                                


If the earth is a sphere; then the abyss below
the earth is also its heaven; and the difference
between them is no more than time, the time of the earth's turning. If the earth is a vast horizontal surface reflecting, invisibly, even for each man his own proper soul, then again the abyss  below the earth is also its heaven, and the difference between them is time, the time of an eye lifting and dropping. The sun-door and the tree root are the same thing in the same place, seen from below and now from above and named, by the seer, for the moment of seeing.

To enter a new myth is a moment of initiation. …
It is to enter a tomb and a womb, to become innocent of everything, except the motivation for myth, the natural passion of the mind for meaning

Maya Deren, Divine Horesmen:
The Living Gods of Haiti

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